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Hello and welcome to the Exodus Transitional Care Facility Inc.'s new website.  Our plan is to connect with the thousands of people that will be interested in residential treatment for adult males that suffer with the disease of chemical dependency.

There have been major changes to the delivery of treatment services at the Exodus House.  We will be talking more about our treatment services in later installments.  We would like people to be aware of our 3/4 way houses that are safe and structured living environments for the men starting their new lives in recovery.  Men are eligibile for residency in these houses following the 90 day primary and transitional treatment at the Exodus House.

We have one right across the street from the Exodus we call the "White House" and another in Hartford that is called the "Harmony House."  Men living in these residential homes are required to attend aftercare groups held at the White House on Monday nights.  This helps to hold the residents accountable as they make the transition from residential treatment to independent living.

We believe with what we have to offer in our treatment services gives our clients the best opportunity to succeed in changing their lifestyles from addictive to responsible.

Within the new website and in this blog we hope to educate and possibly inspire people to consider a life of recovery.  We also hope to encourage those that are on their own journeys and can share experience, strength and hope with each other.

I will close this installment with gratitude to a higher power and all the people involved that keep our facilities running smoothly.  You folks know who you are but may be mentioned and thanked individually in future blog installments.

Peace Always,


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